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Month In Review: November 2017

Month In Review: November 2017

It’s the beginning of a new month which means it’s time to share a quick re-cap of last month!

Here we go!

November was busy. Between working full time, side hustlin, training, blogging and a weekend getaway (which was AMAZING), I don’t even know where the time went! To be quite honest I’m now counting down the days until Christmas holidays start. Anyone else with me?! 

Winter has arrived in Pfäffikon, the town we live in! There isn’t heaps of snow yet but the temperatures have dropped and I’ve busted out my winter boots!

Month In Review: November 2017~ Lake Pfäffikon ~

Side Hustle Month

I blogged a lot about side hustles in November. It’s something I’m very passionate about because I know that many of you would love to be more creative and make some extra money on the side, but just aren’t quite sure how. 

Let me ask you this. Are you a  a go-getter, a goal chaser and on a mission to achieve financial freedom faster? Do you want to have multiple streams of income? A side hustle can help you achieve your goals quicker and leave you feeling more fulfilled every day. 

In case you’re still not quite convinced that a side hustle is for you, check out my posts on Why You Should Have A Side Hustle and the 7 Incredible Benefits Of Having A Side Hustle

Maybe you’re stumped on side hustle ideas? Don’t you worry because I’ve created a totally FREE list of side hustle ideas especially for you! My advice is to choose one and stick to it. Side hustles are not always an overnight success, they take time and patience. You might not make money from your side hustle at first but don’t give up. Stay the course and see where it will take you!

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Highlights Of The Month

The suprise weekend getaway that I planned for Florian and me was definitely the highlight of November! 

My boyfriend didn’t have a clue where we were going until we hopped in the car and I entered the town name into the GPS. And even then, he didn’t know that one of the most famous castles in the world was located there. Not that surprising actually since he’s a guy! 

The drive from  Switzerland to Füssen took around 3 hours, driving through Austria and then into Germany. THIS is what I love about living in Europe! The close proximity of everything. I’m still excited about the fact that you can visit three different countries all in one day!   

We visited Neuschwanstein Castle and stayed the night in Füssen, the cutest little Bavarian town you’ll ever visit. I will be sharing a separate blog post on Füssen soon! 

After writing a post on the importance of date nights and how I plan to initiate more of them in my relationship, I couldn’t wait to have a weekend away. It was a time for us to have fun together! We had great conversations over amazing food, explored a beautiful new place together and were able to focus on romance. 

It was a much needed break from doing. 

Month In Review: November 2017

~ Neuschwanstein Castle  ~

Best Instagrams

That’s a wrap for November and I can’t believe we are already into our last month of 2017! Hello wintery December!

This is the month to…

  • sample an array of hot chocolates
  • eat roasted nuts
  • start something new
  • add more twinkle lights
  • be mesmerized by the snow falling outside
  • do some Christmas baking

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