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Carry-On Essentials For Long Flights

Carry-On Essentials For Long Flights

I’ve always had a great love for airports. I find them fascinating. Perhaps it’s the people and the mix of nationalities. Or maybe it’s the excitement in the air for all those people traveling to new destinations. Whatever it is, I love finding my way around airports and watching other people do the same!

It’s still hard to believe that tomorrow my boyfriend and I will be heading to the airport and boarding a plane. Can you believe we are actually moving abroad with a one way ticket?! Yup. It’s happening. All the packing is done and we are ready to go. Well almost ready. We still have to pack our carry-on bags.

The carry-on is essentially the most important piece of luggage that you’ll bring on any trip. Usually I bring a backpack and a purse. This time is no different, except for the fact that my backpack is 40L in size and stuffed to the brim. I wonder if the check-in person will raise an eyebrow over this. Fingers crossed.

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Here are my carry-on essentials for surviving long flights.

Comfortable Clothes & Shoes

Being uncomfortable on long flights when you’re already packed into the airplane like sardines is the absolute worst! I always wear comfortable runners which are easy to take off on those long haul flights. Plus they are great for when you have to get from point A to B fast!

For clothes I’ll wear stretchy pants and lots of layers that I can peel off. Although it will probably be 30 degrees in the shade when we leave (loving this hot weather in the Okanagan!) I will bring a jacket and warm sweater onboard because for some reason it always gets freezing cold on the airplane shortly after take-off. Flying is not a beauty pageant, so don’t worry about how you look and just make sure you are comfortable.

Personal Entertainment

I usually watch one or two movies on long flights but more than that and my eyes start turning rectangular! So I always make sure to pack a good book in my carry-on to pass the time. If you’re not really into reading then bring some sudoku or a notebook/journal. I will also be bringing my laptop so that I can blog or edit photos to pass the time.

Extra Snacks

These days you really don’t get a lot of food on international flights anymore. None in our case. You can buy food onboard but it’s overpriced and never very tasty. So I will definitely be bringing some sandwiches and extra snacks! There’s nothing worse than being on a long flight and only being served a little bag of stale pretzels. So if you want to avoid getting real ‘hangry’ at a cruising altitude of 35000ft then I highly suggest packing some extra snacks. Or a lot if you knew how much my boyfriend eats!

Toiletry Essentials

I usually only bring the absolute basics on my carry-on as far as toiletries go. That’s a definite no to make-up! My main essentials are lip balm, a small toothpaste and toothbrush, small moisturizing face lotion (which you can use for hands too), deodorant, small hair brush and my contact lenses/eyeglasses.

Personal Water Bottle

Tiny airplane cups be gone! I never go far without my own personal water bottle. Fill up your bottle at the terminal before you board. This will help you stay hydrated throughout your flight and you can always ask your flight attendant to fill it up again if need be. Later you’ll be able to bring your water bottle along while sightseeing and exploring new places!

No Brainers

I’m sure you probably know this already but I figured I’d mention these no brainers anyways just in case your brain is overloaded. I know mine currently is. So remember to pack your passport, travel visa, health insurance, personal identification card and money in your carry-on. I list these important documents along with how to pack for a year abroad in my related post: the complete packing list for moving abroad.

These are my carry-on essentials for long flights and whatever else I can bring onboard is considered a bonus.

What do you pack in your carry-on luggage? Please share your tips for successful long flights in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.

See you on the flip side!

XO Sandy

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Carry-On Essentials For Long Flights

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