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Month In Review: June 2017

Month In Review: June 2017

Welcome to my first month in review! I will write one of these at the end of every month to give you a quick re-cap and share some behind-the-scene happenings in my life.

So here we go!

June just blew by and I don’t even know where the time went. Summer is always a busy time isn’t it? This month was all about enjoying the Canadian summer before moving to Switzerland next month. I wanted to enjoy the outdoors, go on hikes, hit up the beach and hang-out with friends and family.

Month In Review: June 2017

~ Hiking views from Bluenose Mountain in Lavington, BC ~

In June 2017…

I celebrated another year around the sun and to be honest, I don’t feel any different than before my birthday. I can’t exactly say that I’m excited to be another year older but I am thrilled for what this year has in store! I think it’s going to be one of the most adventurous years yet.

I’ve been preparing for the big move abroad. If you didn’t already know, we are Moving Abroad With A One Way Ticket!

I began selling my belongings. I said goodbye to my pretty blue mountain bike and I’m in the process of selling my car. I know these are just material things but selling all my stuff still makes this hit home. It’s really happening.

~ June is strawberry picking season in the Okanagan! ~

The packing has begun and I made a list of absolutely everything I need to bring to Switzerland. I wrote about it in my post The Complete Packing List For Moving Abroad. So far my boyfriend and I have packed one suitcase for all our winter clothes and boots. I had to basically sit on it for him to be able to close it. Lets just say we will not be opening that one again until we arrive in Switzerland!

I shared my personal story of How I Survived My Quarter-Life Crisis and the amount of positive feedback I received was absolutely incredible! To be honest I was really nervous to post something so deeply personal. But as soon as I summoned the courage to hit publish I knew I’d made the right decision. I knew I was not alone in this and that many people felt similarly. Thank you to those of you who e-mailed me, sent me text messages or told me in person how much they could relate. 

Highlights Of The Month

My mom and I decided to go on a quick road trip to Banff National Park for a few days of hiking and camping. We had amazing weather and it wasn’t peak tourist season yet! I loved spending quality time with just my mom before I leave. You can read more about our roadtrip in 10 Amazing Things To Do In Banff National Park and Hiking In Lake Louise – One Day Itinerary.

Month In Review: June 2017

~ Lake Louise in the morning ~

My whole family went on a weekend getaway to a beautiful cabin in the Kootenays. After a painful 5.5 hour wait at the ferry due to a highway closure, we finally made it to Fauquier at 9:30pm on Friday. The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying great food and even better company. The older I get the more I realize how blessed I am to have weekends like this with the people I love. 

Month In Review June 2017

~ Cabin vibes in the Kootenays, BC ~

Real Talk

I’ve been getting pretty nervous about all the changes ahead. Change can be scary and no matter how excited I am for this new adventure, I can’t help having some mixed feelings. I’m stressed out about all the work that needs to be done before we leave. I’m nervous about how we will like it there. I’m sad about leaving family and friends behind. But mostly I’m super excited for this new chapter in my life and to be able to experience it with my best friend!

Best Instagrams

What I’m Loving

One of my favourite things to do lately is listen to podcasts while driving or going on walks. I recently discovered The Lively Show by Jess Lively and have become addicted to her inspiring and uplifting podcasts. She discusses topics such as personal growth, business success, mindfulness, blogging and relationships.

What I’m Reading

One book that is currently on my nightstand is Miracles Now by Gabby Bernstein which offers easy to read yet powerful messages on overcoming fear and feeling more fulfilled. 

That’s a wrap for June and my first month in review. Welcome to July 2017!

This is the month to…

  • take a road trip
  • sleep under the stars
  • watch the sunrise
  • treat yourself
  • sunbathe in a warm patch of grass
  • dive right in
  • start your weekend on a Thursday

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