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The Importance of Goal Setting for Personal Growth

The Importance of Goal Setting for Personal Growth

Most of us have probably aksed ourselves the following questions at some point in life. Where do I see myself in 1 month, 1 year and 5 years from now?? Goal setting is one of the most important things you can do for personal growth. Writing down your goals will allow you to have long-term vision and it will also give you short-term motivation.

“An idea without goals is just a dream.”

Everyone has an idea of what type of person they want to be and the kind of life they want to lead. The bigger challenge then is how are we going to achieve this? How do we become the best versions of ourselves?

I have only recently begun writing down my personal goals and it feels great! When you pick up a pen and paper and write down your goals they start to feel more permanent and attainable. It immediately gives me more confidence and motivation to go after what I want!

Simple Goal Setting Example

A personal goal might be to read books more often. Okay, let’s narrow this down to a specific and measureable goal. The goal is to read for at least half an hour a day. Try to choose a time that can work for you every day. This will allow reading to become part of your daily routine and you will even find yourself looking forward to it!

For me this is either first thing in the morning or at night. If you choose to read at night before bed, make sure you get ready for bed half an hour earlier than usual and put away your cell phone, laptop, etc.

I’ve learned that not having my cell phone on my night stand allows me to focus my attention towards reading before I go to sleep.

And no you can’t use the excuse of needing your cell phone as your alarm clock. I used to do this and actually went out and bought a small alarm clock. See! It’s possible! Instead of checking Facebook or Instagram for that one last time before sleeping, I now enjoy reading for half an hour or having a meaningful conversation with my boyfriend. Scratch that last part, he’s usually fast asleep within minutes!

Release your Self-Sabotage

We are often our own saboteurs when it comes to achieving our goals. That small (or big) voice of fear in our head which is constantly telling us we’re not good enough. My biggest challenge is learning to replace those negative thoughts with positive affirmation statements.

Currently some of my positive affirmation statements include:

“I let go of worries that drain my energy.”

“I am capable and in complete charge of creating a successful blog with meaningful content.”

“I compare myself only to my highest self.”

Throughout the day, try to remind yourself of your positive affirmation statement. The more you repeat it to yourself in your head (or out loud), the more it will stick!

The Importance of Goal Setting for Personal Growth

5 Goal Setting Tips

Here are 5 of my favourite tips for goal setting success:

#1 Start Small

In order to achieve a big goal you need to set numerous smaller goals that will get you there. For example, if I want to grow my blog following, I need to set smaller goals such as creating and publishing great content regularly, building a social media presence, following my editorial calendar, growing my e-mail list, etc.

#2 Be Specific

Set goals that are specific to your life situation. The more specific your goal is, the easier it will be to make it happen!

#3 Setting a Timeline

Ultimately we want to set attainable goals and follow a timeline to accomplish them. Deadlines help us stay in line with our goal and prevent us from procrastinating.

#4 Release Fear

The main reason for procrastination is fear. Learn to let go of fear and replace negative thoughts with positive affirmation statements. Say them out loud and write them on sticky notes to put up around the house!

#5 Envision Success

Visualization helps us create a mental picture of a future event. When we visualize our desired outcome, we begin to “see” the possibility of achieving it.

The Importance of Goal Setting for Personal Growth

Goal setting can be done at any time of the year. You don’t have to wait until New Years rolls around to set some goals!

Lastly, it’s a good idea to revisit your goals every month or so and assess where you are at. It’s totally okay to adjust your goals if circumstances have changed or you have set new goals. The key is to stay flexible!

3 Goals I’ve set for myself:

1 Month Goal:

To launch my blog and publish 2 blog posts per week. I will do this by using a monthly calendar where at the beginning of each month I will write out my blog post ideas and schedule them for certain days of the week.

1 Year Goal:

In one year I will be living abroad in Europe. I plan to make the most of every opportunity that presents itself to me over the course of this next year. My goal is to continue developing my blog and work towards gaining more followers and writing meaninful content.

5 Year Goal:

Right now, my 5 year goal is to achieve a level of financial stability that will allow myself to live a balanced life. I’m not sure what this will look like yet but I have some ideas I will share in a later post!

Finally, I do realize that 5 years is a long time from now and that many things can happen in those 5 years. Life will happen. I will have to adapt and that’s okay.

The 3 goals I have shared above are only a small snapshot. My list seems endless and the room for growth limitless!

Now it’s your turn! Start setting some goals and you will soon realize that living the kind of life you have always imagined you could live isn’t as far off of a dream as you might have thought!

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The Importance of Goal Setting for Personal Growth

I’d love to hear from you! Please comment below and share some of your tips on goal setting.

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